Approvals - Explore The Arctic

We focus on security and have all required certificates.

Our guides, drivers and skippers are experienced locals and we work with a wide local network since nothing can beat local knowledge.

We check the weather forecasts in detail regulary and act accordingly. The weather here can be unpredictable.

Our drivers and vehicles are certified to transport passengers. According to a law in Norway, called ‘Turvognløyve’, all passenger transport must be certified with Professional Transport Act (Regulation Norwegian Act No 45 of 21 June 2002 on Professional Transport by Motor Vehicle and Vessel)

Our charter boat is built and equipped according to the regulation of operating vessels carrying 12 passengers or less (REGULATION NO: 63 1/14/2020)

Our skippers are certified according to the regulation including emergency and first aid course, crises and crowd management, VHF certificate and D5L-certificate. Read more:

We have all insurances needed including passengers-, boat-, vehicles-, equipment-, liability- and employee insurance.

Our trips are approved by the official Tromsø tourist office Visit Tromsø, as well as the official travel guide of Norway Visit Norway.