Arronet 30 spt

The Arronet 30 SPT is a unique boat model that we have been involved in developing ourselves. We designed the boat to create the ultimate type for our trips. The boats are 9.4 meters long and 2.8 meters wide.

They are built with a focus on comfort, safety, and maximum deck/fishing space. The boats have a center console with seating under a roof for shelter for the weather.

They are equipped with state-of-the-art chartplotter, echosounder, radar, and VHF from Garmin. The boats have 2×150 hp Yamaha engines, which means we can quickly reach the best fishing spots. Onboard, there is a portable toilet from Porta Potti.

Comfort and safety

The boats are certified for 6 passengers + skipper.
For more information see: 12 pax regulations.

The skipper has a D5L certificate, safety- and first aid course, passenger and crisis management course, health certificate and VHF certificate.

Rescue equipment on board: Life raft, life jackets, lifebuoy with light, cast line, rescue ladder, fixed VHF, handheld VHF, EPIRB, AIS-SART, fire extinguisher, fire blanket, first aid equipment and emergency flare kit.

Seafaring qualities and stability

The boats are welded with reinforced hulls, made of saltwater-resistant marine-grade aluminum. The result is strong and secure boats.

The boats have a unique built-in flotation system that ensures the boat’s buoyancy even if it gets filled with water.

The boats have excellent seafaring qualities and handle the sea well in all kinds of weather. The stability, both when we are drifting and when we drive, is exceptional.

Minn kota RT Terrova

Our boats are equipped with Minn kota RT Terrova bow mounted trolling motors. The trolling motors allow us to maintain a steady speed and direction while fishing. This can be especially useful when fishing in areas with strong currents or wind.

The spot-lock will hold us in place with unparalleled GPS accuracy and gives us the power to stay right on top of any productive fishing spot.

The autopilot will automatically navigate the boat in any direction we choose and keep us on that heading automatically, even correcting for wind, waves and current.

Electric trolling motors are environmentally friendly, reduce our fuel consumption and noise pollution.