We have completed another fishing season.

This was our first season with our new guide concept and fishing packages. Throughout the season, we received a lot of positive feedback on this concept. Not least, the flexibility has been appreciated, as we adjust and plan the trips each day depending on the weather and our guests’ preferences. Here’s some feedback from a group that visited us in July:

“The first week of July we traveled to Northern Norway for the 23rd time to fish. It was the first time we weren’t going to be the skipper ourselves but fishing with a guide and we were all excited about how this would work. However it would quickly turn out that this was a perfect solution! Immediately upon arrival at Lauklines, we got to see the new boat, a custom built Arronet 30SPT, an absolutely perfect boat for sea angling. After a warm welcome, we were invited to a meeting with our guide and planned the week’s fishing. Within 5 minutes all four of us had a good feeling. Our guide suggested going to a place south-west of Lauklines. At this place we experienced the most amazing fishing we had in all our years in Norway. This day was unforgettable for the four of us and our last prejudices about guided fishing disappeared. In almost every cast we got bites and runs from big coalfish, cod and pollock. From time to time a halibut also mixed in the game.”

This was also the first season with our new custom-built charter boat, and it has proven to be the perfect boat for our fishing trips. You can find more information about the boats here: https://explorethearctic.no/boats/

The start of the season offered challenging weather conditions that made fishing quite difficult. Many of the trips in May and early June had to take place in sheltered waters within the fjord. Fortunately, we had some really good cod fishing within the fjord at times during the early part of the season. And the times we ventured further out, we enjoyed excellent fishing for cod, coalfish and halibut.

We had two distinct peaks in the halibut fishing, one in the start of the season and one in the end.

In mid-June, the weather finally took a turn, and it turned into a fantastic summer with many really warm days and light winds.

The first part of the summer we had fantastic fishing for large coalfish, with many fish up to 15kg, providing great fights on light rods and small shads. Some of the trips also offered good cod fishing, with the largest of the season reaching around 20kg.

We also discovered some new spots with excellent haddock fishing.

A pleasant surprise this summer was the fishing for pollock.

Previous years, this have been an unusual catch here. However this season we have caught plenty of them, up to 10 during a trip. The biggest this season was 8,5kg.

As always, the best fishing for wolffish occurred in May and June, with fish weighing up to 10kg.

During the summer, shoals of pink salmon entered the fjord, although they proved to be challenging to catch. The mackerel arrived in July, and the largest one we caught was approximately 1kg.

As previous years, a few anglerfish were also caught during the season.

A warm thank you to everyone who joined us this season. Until next time, tight lines!